Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2010

Aconcagua Video / Video de Aconcagua

Here's the video Lindsey made at the summit. / Aqui esta el video que hizo Lindsey en el cumbre.

Four Mendoza YWAMers Make it to the Summit of Aconcagua / Cuatro JuCUMeros de Mendoza Llegan al Cumbre de Aconcagua

This week we welcomed home our intrepid Aconcagua team! Yes, all ten made it back to the base safe and sound, with no lost or frostbitten extremities (except for Josh, who got a free ride in the rescue helicopter thanks to a blister on his finger--no joke). It was so awesome to see all their little windburnt, exhausted faces.
The next day we had a little welcome home fiesta, where they showed us all their crazy photos and told us all the even crazier stories from the mountain. The altitude and the cold, drinking 6L a day and struggling with spiritual oppression. But every single one of them had amazing testimonies about how God spoke to them and worked in their lives up there. Not to mention, that YWAM history was made: four of these athletes made it to the very peak--Lindsey Hodge, Yanis Polis, Joel Scheidegger and Josh Wagar. An incredible journey of faith and discipline. We are so proud of them! Go Mendoza :) Esta semana dimos la bienvenida a nuestro intrepido equipo Aconcagua! Claro…