Mostrando las entradas de septiembre, 2009

Happy Birthday Martin! ¡Feliz Cumple Martin!

Martin, our YWAM Mendoza director, had a birthday this past Sunday. We celebrated with him as a YWAM family during our staff meeting! Many birthday blessings Martin!
Martin, nuestro director de JuCUM Mendoza, cumplió años el domingo pasado. Lo celebramos como familia Jucumera en nuestra reunión de obreros. ¡Muchas bendiciones Martin!

The Frontier Missions School has begun!/¡Ya comenzó La Escuela de Misiones Transcultural!

The much anticipated Missions School has officially begun. Last night we held the opening celebration and welcomed 15 students from seven nations to the second-level YWAM school. Students representing Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, The U.S., England, Sweden and Puerto Rico have begun the challenge of digging deeper into discovering God´s heart and dreams for the nations. The school theory phase is three months and is followed up by a three month outreach phase. This missions school will be spending their three months of outreach traveling through India, China and Central Asia.
Martin Peregrina, the base director, who has recently returned from conferences in England and Cairo, Egypt, shared a challenging word. He shared that we have been called ¨to such a time as this.¨ God has called us and appointed us to bear lasting fruit. Martin shared that the times that follow will be difficult times; we need to prepare ourselves and be trained. But what encourages us in these times is…


The fellas have been working around the clock over the past couple of weeks to get the new staff kitchen space and a new classroom ready for use before the Frontier Missions School begins this week. The kitchen still has a few more weeks to go before it can be inaugurated, but the classroom will be put to use immediately. Great job guys, thanks for all your hard work and effort!

Los chicos han estado trabajando contra reloj durante estas últimas semanas para preparar la nueva cocina del staff, y un nuevo salón de clases para el uso de la Escuela de Misiones Transcultural que empieza esta semana. Faltan unas semanas de trabajo en la cocina todavía antes de que la podemos inaugurar, pero el salon de clases va a ser ocupado inmediatamente. ¡Buen trabajo chicos, gracias por todo su trabajo y esfuerzo!
-Kindra Clark Ludlow

Womens Soccer/Fútbol Femenino

This past Saturday, September 12, a Womens Soccer Tournament took place at the YWAM Mendoza base. Four teams participated and were made up of members from other countries and various Argentine provinces. It was a much expected afternoon because we not only wanted to play good soccer, but we also wanted to share how God uses soccer to form our character and teach us how to work as a team.
Trophies were given to the first and second place teams. We hope to do this again soon!
El sábado, 12 de este mes, se realizó el Campeonato Femenino de Fútbol en la base de JuCUM Mendoza. Participaron cuatro equipos de diferentes provincias de Argentina y otros países. Fué una tarde muy esperada porque compartimos no solamente las ganas de jugar, sino también la forma que usa Dios para formar el carácter y saber trabajar en equipo.
Hubo trofeos para segundo y primer puesto. ¡Esperamos que se repita en poco tiempo!
-Yanina Jaramillo


On Saturday, September 13, at 8:30 p.m., the Compassion Discipleship Training School that began last April came to a conclusion. It was a moment of celebration where, together, we thanked God for what he has done in each of the students' lives, as well in each of the staffs' lives that were involved, during these last five months. This was proven in the testimonies that the following students shared: Joel Sheidegger from Switzerland, Carlos Amesquita from Puerto Rico, Angel Zacarias from Santa Fe, Argentina and Danisa Viskup from Chaco, Argentina.
Sharing with us in the occasion were students´ familes that arrived from various parts of Argentina; Chaco, Santa Fe, and Bahia Blanca. Friends from local churches and our own YWAM Mendoza base staff joined us as well. There were approximately 90 of us there to enjoy a buffet that was prepared by the future Chef, Gabriela Peregrina, and her hardworking team to treat the graduates. Thank you!
Nayda Peregrina hosted the evening and Marc…

The Borbollón Prison/La Cárcel del Borbollón

A few ago a ministry was started by visiting the women at the prison near our neighborhood, El Borbollón. We started going because a Russian girl arrived and the prison asked us for help since she couldn´t speak any Spanish. We had been praying for years for an open door into the prison. This was an answer to prayer. So we began to visit her, encouraging and loving her in the Lord. We continued visiting the prison even though, many weeks, it was difficult. It is not an easy ministry to be a part of because the tension that there is there and because it can be difficult to enter. But, I have to say, that we are enjoying the ministry. Three week ago, a woman from Canada arrived. She was arrested for having 5 kilos of cocaine in her suitcase. At first I think she just liked being able to speak english with us and telling us her story. But now, thanks to God, she is reading the Bible and some other books that talk about the love of God and Christianity. Her situation is real…

Team Aconcagua/Equipo Aconcagua

A couple of weeks ago Team Aconcagua headed into the mountains to the entrance of Aconcagua Provincial Park for a time of intercession and prayer. Towards the end of November/beginning of December a team from YWAM Mendoza will be making an attempt to reach the summit of the highest mountain (6962m/22,841ft.) in the Americas. The trek will be an outreach to the mountain climbing community. Each year thousands of hikers and climbers from all over the world descend upon the Argentine Andes for climbing and adventure.
The team is made up of YWAMers from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada and the U.S. As well as an opportunity to share their faith and share testimony that youth from different nations can work together as a team, the trek will be an opportunity to pray for and bless the nations from the highest point in the western hemisphere. The team will also be declaring Mendoza as a "City of Peace."
The expedition not only represents an obvious physical cha…

Sports DTS 2009/EDE de Deportes 2009

The current Sports DTS has passed the halfway mark of the theory stage. The school is made up of students from six nations. Marcos, from Brazil; Mariana and Glen from Chile; Adrian, Rocio, Evelyn, Guillermo, and Alex from Argentina; Erika from Canada; Brenda from Puerto Rico; and Kerry, Jessie and Ryan from the United States. Last week the students had classes about Servant leadership and God’s heart for the missions. As well, the students found out about where they will be going during the outreach phase. One team will be traveling to England and Spain and another team will be in the Cuyo Region of Argentina. Even though there is still a good month before outreach begins, both students and staff are excited!

This week this students are receiving teachings about the Attributes of God.

La EDE de Deportes está en la mitad de su etapa teórica. Esta escuela está compuesta por estudiantes de seis naciones, Marcos de Brasil; Mariana y Glen de Chile; Adrian, Rocio, Evelyn, Guillermo y Alex de…