Mostrando las entradas de noviembre, 2009

San Juan Missions Conference/Conferencia de Misiones San Juan

A couple of weeks ago the Transculural Missions School traveled to the nearby province of San Juan to help a church host a missions conference. The conference was three days long. Each day was filled with workshops, dramas, games, informational stands and international food. Several youth from the church and other churches in the community took part in the event. The purpose of the event was to teach about God's heart for missions, what our part is in the Great Commission and to inspire the church body to move in God's purposes for their lives.
Hace unas semanas la escuela de misiones transcultural viajó a la provincia de San Juan para ayudar a una iglesia en una conferencia de misiones. La conferencia duró tres dias. Cada dia había talleres, dramas, juegos y dinámicas, varios stands de información y comida internacional. Muchos jóvenes de la iglesia y otras iglesias de la comunidad participaron en el evento. El propósito del evento fue enseñar sobre el corazón de Dios para mis…

Our Ministry in Santo Tomas / Nuestro Ministerio en Santo Tomas

Within two kilometers of our base, one will find a small space of flat ground used as a football pitch in a poor district called Santo Tomas. Once a week, in this tiny area of dirt, the kids of Santo Tomas are given the opportunity to enjoy their favorite recreational pastime: football. Every Wednesday afternoon, the sports ministry organizes a game of football for them. After separating the children into two teams, the whistle is blown, and the ball is kicked-off. Until the sun begins to slide down the back of the mountains, we look after the kids as they pass hours of enjoyment playing football. In the past, the children were rowdy and disrespectful, and in every game we organized, a fight would break out, or an insult would fly out, but after investing our time in their lives, we have seen the fruit of our work. The kids have learned to be obedient, patient, and have self-control.
A dos kilómetros de nuestra base, en el humilde vecindario de Santo Tomás, se encuentra un pequeño espa…

Video of Aconcagua Project/Video de Proyecto de Aconcagua