Mostrando las entradas de septiembre, 2010

Women´s Soccer Tournament // Torneo de Fubol Femenino

Our female soccer team has been training with a team of ladies in our neighborhood for the past couple of months. The neighborhood team is being coached by a couple of our YWAMers. It´s been a great way for our gals to get to know more women in the neighborhood. Both teams have really enjoyed playing with each other and it´s a great opportunity for our girls to transmit God´s values and principles on the field.

This past weekend a ladies soccer tournament was organized between three teams in our neighborhood, called Borbollón. A big group of us headed into the neighborhood to cheer on our YWAM team and to pull for the Borbollón ladies that our YWAMers are coaching. It was a gorgeous day for soccer, not too hot! Our girls took home the winner´s trophy at the end of the tournament as well as a few other special mentions, including ¨top scorer,¨ Belen Mendoza, and ¨best goalkeeper,¨ Em Faber.
Nuestro equipo de futbol femenino ha estado entrenando con un equipo de mujeres en nuestr…

The Sports and Counseling DTS schools have begun! // Arrancaron las EDEs de Deportes y Consejeria!

Treats for the new students // Regalitos para los estudiantes nuevos

Afternoon merienda (snack) before the opening celebration kicks off // Merienda antes del comienzo de la apertura

The slogan for the DTS...Face to Face with Jesus, being transformed to reflect His glory // El lema para esta EDE...Cara a Cara con Jesus, siendo transformados para reflejar Su gloria

Time of praise and worship during the opening celebration // Un tiempo de alabanza durante la apertura

The opening welcome celebration // La celebración de la apertura

The new DTS students // Los estudiantes nuevos

Pastor Roberto Berreta sharing a word during the opening celebration // Pastor Roberto Berreta compartiendo una palabra durante la apertura

Martin, our base director, addressing the new students // Martin, nuestro director de base, compartiendo con los estudiantes nuevos

Rocio, Trudy and Pete - The DTS Leadership Team // El equipo de liderazgo de la EDE

Introducing the rest of the DTS staff // Presentando los ot…

Compassion DTS has finished! // EDE de Misericordia ya terminó!

The Compassion DTS, which started back in April, celebrated their graduation this past weekend. Outreach teams from the DTS reunited in Mendoza after nearly 2 months of practical ministry in Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and various cities in Argentina. DTS graduations are always bittersweet moments...we celebrate the great things God has done in and through the students lives, but we also say goodbye to those who are returning home! Two students from this DTS are staying to do the second level Frontier Missions School which starts next week. Two other students will be staying on in Mendoza to join our YWAM Mendoza staff family.

La EDE de Misericordia, cual empezó en abril, celebró su graduación este fin de semana pasado. Los equipos de cruzada de la EDE se reunieron en Mendoza después de casi dos meses de ministerio prático en Guatemala, Honduras, Brasil y varias ciudades en Argentina. Las graduaciones de las EDEs son emocionantes pero a la misma vez dificiles. Celebramos las gra…

Family Night / Noche de Familia

Over the weekend the YWAM staff (those that were around) gathered for a Family Night. For this family night we broke out the board games, card games, the ping pong table and the foosball table. And what´s a gathering without food? We had yummy sweet treats and hot drinks to keep us going. It was a great time of just hanging out.

Este fin de semana pasado, los Jucumeros (los que estaban) se juntaron para una Noche de Familia. Para esta noche de familia sacamos los juegos de mesa, las cartas, la mesa de ping pong y el metegol. Y claro que habia comida! Habian dulces y bebidas calientes para disfrutar. Fue un tiempo muy lindo de comunión entre los Jucumeros.

Retiro de Comunicaciones\Communications Retreat

El equipo de comunicaciones estan en este momento teniendo un retiro ministerial. Estan pasando dos dias juntos para ver lo que Dios ha hecho en este primer año y que tiene para este próximo año. Tambien estan reunidos para ver el corazon que Dios tiene para esta área tan importante. El equipo esta compuesto de 6 personas de tres diferentes naciones. Creemos que la diversidad entre el equipo trae una mayor riqueza.

The communications team are currently having a ministry retreat. They are spending two days together to look back over what God has done in this past year and what he has for this coming year. They are also meeting together to seek God´s heart for this area that is so important. The team is made up of six people from three diferent countries. We believe that the diversity brings a richness to the team.

Construction Class/Clase de Construcción

Everyday all the fellas and Emily, the only girl brave enough to tough it with the guys, gather for a three hour construction class. A local organization has so kindly given us a certified instructor for free! So, to take advantage of the opportunity, during the class practical session they will begin working on our future ministry building! A couple of years ago we dedicated the site of our future building, but now we are actually beginning to work on the foundation. It is a really exciting time to finally see work begin on the site!

Todos los dias los chicos y Emily, la unica chica que se atrevó estar, se juntan para tres horas a tomar una clase de construcción. Una organización local nos ha provisto un instructor certificado gratis! Asi que, para aprovechar de esta oportunidad, los chicos estarán trabajando en nuestro edificio ministerial nuevo durante la parte practica de la clase! Hace unos años atras dedicamos el sitio de este edificio y ahora estamos empezando trabajar la…