Mostrando las entradas de agosto, 2010

50 Years of YWAM Celebration!/Celebración de los 50 Años de JuCUM

At the end of October, YWAMers from across Argentina will be gathering in Ituzaingo outside of Buenos Aires to celebrate YWAM´s 50 years! The guests of honor will be our founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham. It should an exciting time of looking back to where we´ve come from, what we´ve been doing and what we´re moving towards!

A finales de Octubre, Jucumeros de todos lados en Argentina se juntarán en Ituzaingo en las afueras de Buenos Aires para celebrar los 50 años de JuCUM. Los invitados de honor serán nuestros fundadores Loren y Darlene Cunningham. Será un tiempo emocionante de mirar hacia atrás y ver de donde hemos venido, observar lo que estamos haciendo y ver hacia donde nos estamos moviendo!

Pictures from the Brazil Team!/ Fotos del Equipo de Brasil!

So in the prior post about the outreach teams we posted pictures from the Central America team. We have since received some pictures from the Brazil team...so here are a couple of pictures...
En la entrada anterior sobre los equipos de cruzada subimos fotos del equipo de Centro América. Hemos recibido algunas fotos del equipo de Brazil ahora, asi que aqui son unas fotos para disfrutar...

Mercy DTS Outreach underway/ Cruzada de EDE de Misericordia en camino

The Mercy DTS, which started back in April, is currently in the middle of their outreach portion of the DTS. The school was divided into two teams, one team headed to Central America and the second team headed to Buenos Aires, Rosario and Brazil.

The outreaches have been going well, the students have been working night and day and God is moving in powerful ways! The Central America team, which has been spending time in Guatemala and Honduras has reported that people have been receiving healing miracles. People who were blind now see! The team will be returning to Argentina soon to continue the outreach here in the Desert of Lavalle with the Huarpe communities.

Here are some pictures from the outreaches...enjoy!

We have had such an amazing time!!! We were able to go to do three children’s events in Lavalle (native reserve of Mendoza). We have had a wonderful time working with the community of Huarpes (indigenous tribe). With clown shows, Bible stories, games, songs. We handed out presents and shared chocolate milk and cookies. Every year in August, Argentina celebrates the National Children’s Day. A day every child in the country looks forward too! We take those days as an opportunity to share the gospel with the children and their families.
The staff of the base had been divided into different teams. The reason was because we got so many invitations to organize children’s events. We had teams working in the community centre in the neighborhood, other teams went to different churches, others to other neighborhoods and our team went to the Huarpe community. We loved to see how the faces of the children lit up during the program. Smiles and laughter! They had a great time, also jumping around o…