Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2011

Day of the unborn child and graduation of the School of Frontier Missions!// El dia del niño por nacer y la graduacion de la EMT

Last Saturday we went to different parts of Mendoza to bring awareness to the day of the unborn child. Here in Argentina they want to pass a law that makes abortion legal and we took the opportunity to talk to the people and invite them for a informative talk and discussion.As well, we celebrated the graduation of the students of the School of Frontier Missions! How amazing to hear all the testimonies and see how God’s heart beats for the Nations! Congratulations to all of the students that graduated. May God bless you and guide you into the next step of His dreams for you!El sábado pasado salimos a diferentes partes de Mendoza para conscientizar el dia del niño por nacer. Aca en Argentina el gobierno quiere crear una ley que legaliza el aborto. Tomamos esta oportunidad para hablar con la gente e invitarlas a una charla y discusión.También, celebramos la graduación de los estudiantes de la Escuela de las Misiones Transculturales! Que maravillosa escuchar todos los testimonios y ver co…

Covered in tomato sauce and translating for the International Medical Relief team! // Cubiertos en salsa de tomate y traduciendo por un equipo medico

Last week was a moving week! As a family we worked all together from early morning to late at night to make our own homemade tomato sauce. Selecting, washing, cutting, squeezing, boilingin order to fill more than 700 bottles! It was a lot of work, but now we know that we will have enough sauce to get through the winter. As a Mission we are trying to get more and more self-sustaining and this year we are taking on an agricultural challenge of growing our own fruits and vegetables. We have a lot of farmland, but we lack the resources to buy a tractor and other tools that we need. Contact us if you want to support us and be part of this challenge!As well, we supported the International Medical Relief team that came over from the US to give free clinics to the people in La Valle. Every day a group of 7 translators of our Mission helped translating appointments with the dentist, gynecologist, cardiologist, internist, nurses and the community education that was given. It was a bit hectic be…

Two DTS schools coming up in April! / Se vienen dos EDEs en abril!

Join us at the end of April for either the Arts DTS or the Compassion DTS! Do you want to discover more of God´s heart for the arts and how we can use them to draw people into Him? Or do you want to learn more about how God uses his children to reach out to others in compassion?

The DTS is a 5 month school designed to encourage you to go deeper and more intimate with your creator, discovering your true identity in Him as you learn more about His character, and give you tools to go out and share the gospel with others using the gifts and talents He has blessed you with!

Don´t miss out on this opportunity! Write us at jucummendoza@yahoo.com.ar for more information!

Sumate a nosotros al fin de abril para o la EDE de Artes o la EDE de Misericordia! Querés discubrir mas del corazon de Dios para las artes y como podemos usarlas para traer gente a El? O querés aprender como Dios usa las vidas de sus hijos para alcanzar a otros atravez de la misericordia?

La EDE es una escuela de 5 meses que esta…

Verano Extremo, visitantes desde Carolina del Sur y el comienzo de una nueva Escuela de Consejeria!

This week we went to the mountains for the “Extreme Summer”-camp. We had a very good time! We were able to go rafting, camping on the top of a hill with a beautiful view and we did a lot of hiking. We closed of the days with a campfire and a time of sharing teachings and experiences.Missed out on this camp? No worries, later this year we will host another camp!As well we have a team from The King’s Academy from South Carolina visiting us. They will be spending time in the desert visiting families and going to a orphanage this week. We are glad to have them over!Furthermore, our girls-soccer team is playing a tournament in the different neighbourhoods of "Las Heras", our city department. Go Girls!Tuesday we celebrated the start of the Counseling School. We welcomed students that just finished their counseling DTS, staff from our Mission and other students that did their DTS’s in another place. The theme of the school is John 4:14 “But whoever drinks the water I give him will …

Graduation Sports and Counseling DTS and Coffee Night // Graduación EDE de Deportes e Consejeria y Noche de Café

We celebrated the graduation of another Discipleship Training School! Last Friday the students from the Sports and Counseling DTS received their diploma’s. It was another bittersweet celebration: thankful to have made it to the end of the DTS and seeing those shining faces but on the other hand a bit sad because we know that soon we will be saying our goodbyes and farewells to people that we have become close to over the past 5 months.As well we had a really nice and successful Coffee Night , pro-India! There was a live “jazz&roll”-band, delicious desserts, smoothies, ice-coffee, and obviously Indian chai! Thanks to all of you to came out and enjoy this evening with us and raise a nice offering for the team that left for India!They are travelling across India, visiting different cities during this month. God provided for the tickets and we keep on praying in faith that He will provide for the stay as well! We will keep you updated on any news that comes our way.Celebramos la gradu…