Mostrando las entradas de mayo, 2010

Celebrating Argentina's Bicentennial/Celebrando el Bicentenario de Argentina!

Our art group, Synergia, performed at our neighborhood's elementary school bicentennial celebration

Romina with the Argentine colors

Nico, Gaby, Leo and Ely presented a traditional folklore dancing number

The kids dressed up in 1810 clothing style

Caught this candid shot while waiting to go on stage

Gaby, our international chef-in-the-making, watching over the huge pot of "Locro," a traditional meal in Argentina which is always prepared on May 25

Enjoying the Locro feast

The bicentennial celebration in Mendoza's Plaza de Independencia

Folklore dancing on the main stage in Mendoza city center

Yes, we had a completely brilliant time at the 200th Independence Anniversary celebrations, both in Mendoza city centre and in our own neighbourhood. We went down to the local school and joined in there with Folklore dancing and our Murga group, and then in the afternoon headed off to town to do sports evangelism with all the crowds there, after a huge plate of traditional locro...basical…

Some recent random photos...Algunos fotos recientes...

Winter is definitely here...ya llegó el invierno...

We woke up to snow dusted mountains Sunday morning! Nos llevantamos a ver nieve en las montañas domingo en la manaña!

Emily hard at work with Benja on building the newest addition to our YWAM neighborhood...Em, Alyssa and Betsy´s house! Emily trabajando a full con Benja en la construcción mas nueva en nuestro barrio de JuCUM...la casa de Em, Alyssa y Betsy!

The framework...El esqueleto de la casa

The coolest bakers in town...donned with aprons and ready to get a bake-on for the Coffeehouse night. Listas y preparadas con delantales para hacer postres para la Noche Coffeehouse

Students in South Africa / Estudiantes en Sud Africa

Just a quick update on our Football DTS, which left for South Africa two weeks ago. This is the practical or outreach phase of the school, where they put into practice everything they learnt in the three month theory phase. They're in Swaziland right now, having a blast. During the next two months they're going to be working with different communities, running sports camps for kids, working with churches and people affected by AIDS, and eventually volunteering in different acitvities during the Football World Cup.
Solamente una rapidita actualización acerca de la EDE de Fútbol, que salió hacia Sud Africa hacia dos semanas. Esta es la etapa practica o la cruzada de la escuela, donde ponen en practica todo que aprendieron durante la etapa teórica de tres meses. Ahora misma están en Swaziland, disfrutandose muchisimo. Durante los proximos dos meses van a estar trabajando con diferentes comunidades, haciendo campamentos de deportes para niños, trabajando con iglesias y peronas afec…

May-time in Mendoza/ Mayo Empieza en Mendoza

So we’re off to a great May-start here at YWAM Mendoza, with the Mercy DTS already in its third week and the rest of us running non-stop with about a million different things (not to exaggerate, of course.)
Last week the girls from the football DTS and a bunch of our female staff played the local girls football team here from Algorrobal, for the second time, and beat them, woo hoo! It was a complete triumph, and our chicas were well chuffed with themselves, considering that they got a little trounced the last time—they don’t get much time to practice playing as team, what with the million things going on.
Then, on Friday night, we had a massive "Nations Fair" right here at the base, with everyone who comes from countries other than Argentina (and the Argentines themselves) using all their resourcefulness and imagination to create a real "travel experience." We had stands from Puerto Rico, India, Australia, the States, England, Canada, China, Holland, South Africa, Ka…