Celebrating Argentina's Bicentennial/Celebrando el Bicentenario de Argentina!

Our art group, Synergia, performed at our neighborhood's elementary school bicentennial celebration

Romina with the Argentine colors

Nico, Gaby, Leo and Ely presented a traditional folklore dancing number

The kids dressed up in 1810 clothing style

Caught this candid shot while waiting to go on stage

Gaby, our international chef-in-the-making, watching over the huge pot of "Locro," a traditional meal in Argentina which is always prepared on May 25

Enjoying the Locro feast

The bicentennial celebration in Mendoza's Plaza de Independencia

Folklore dancing on the main stage in Mendoza city center

Yes, we had a completely brilliant time at the 200th Independence Anniversary celebrations, both in Mendoza city centre and in our own neighbourhood. We went down to the local school and joined in there with Folklore dancing and our Murga group, and then in the afternoon headed off to town to do sports evangelism with all the crowds there, after a huge plate of traditional locro...basically a big mix of beans and corn and tasty, tasty meat... God Bless Argentina!
Bueno, tuvimos un dia maravilloso para las celebraciones del 25 de Mayo Bicentenario, en el centro de Mendoza ciudad, y en nuestro propio barrio. Fuimos a la escuelita primaria ahi, y nos unimos a las actividades con baile folcklore y la murga nuestra, y despues en la tarde fuimos al centro para hacer evangelismo de deportes con toda la gente ahi, despues de un plato grande de locro...que es basicamente una mezcla grande de porotos, maiz y rica, rica carne... Que Dios Bendiga Argentina!


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